Our Spas come with an extensive range of Standard features along with our excellent Optional features.


0.25 HP Hi-Flo Circulation System

Hi-Flo circulation keeps your water circulating efficiently and helps your pool stay clean.

12 V – 5″ Spa Light

All models come standard with a 5″ pool light that illuminates your pool during dark hours.

Advanced Touch Screen Control System

This sleek digital LCD back-lit display controls your TidalFit Exercise Pool.

All Seasons Shield Covers

With this deluxe cover, your pool will stay protected and well insulated to keep in the heat.

Full Foam with ABS Bottom

TidalFit models come standard with full foam insulation and an ABS bottom to protect against environmental elements.

Grab Rails

These rails offer extra stability when exercising and stretching.

Grandwood Cabinetry

Kingwood maintenance free cabinets are beautiful and extremely durable.


Every TidalFit comes with a 3kw heater to warm your pool to the perfect temperature in any climate.

Swim Systems

Each TidalFit model has its own unique swim system.


Aquatic Training System

To maximize your workout in your exercise pool you can add one or both of our Stationary Resistant Swim Tether and Rowing Bars + Resistant Cords.

Audio Systems

Complete your pool experience with the fully integrated BBA™ Bluetooth Audio System or the Artesian Bluetooth Music Experience.

Bellagio Fall Water Feature

The eloquent Bellagio Fall is a beautiful accent that can be added to the ActivePlus EP12 when you choose our Dynabrite Multicolour LED upgrade.

DirectFlow Technology

This innovative technology provides you with the ultimate hydrotherapy control.


Every TidalFit model offers a Hydrotherapy option to relieve stress, soothe aching muscles and aid in relaxation.

LED Lighting

Our Dynabrite Lighting System brings the spa to life with an array of multicolour LED’s throughout the pool.

Semi In-ground Pool

The TidalFit AcitvePlus EP12, Premium EP14, Core Swim 14, Pro EP15 & Dual Temp models offer the semi in-ground pool option.

Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer

TidalFit’s new Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer (VFSWT) incorporates an even more powerful Swim System containing true variable speed pumps and expertly designed jets to provide a balanced, stable swim current. This system allows a variety of swim options by varying swim resistance, simply by pushing a button on the Touch Screen LCD Panel. Swimming […]

Water Purification

Whether you choose to add Diamond AOP, Crystal ProPure or Ozone to your TidalFit, each provides fantastic water purification for a crystal clean pool.

Worldwide WiFi App

Control your pool wirelessly from your smart-phone or smart-device from anywhere in the world!

Design yours

Choose your acrylic color and cabinety to get a virtual picture of your Exercise Pool.

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