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The ActivePlus 12 ft. TidalFit with Dual Swim Jets is the perfect size spa to fit in smaller spaces. Available as above ground or semi in-ground this TidalFit is perfect for intermediate and beginner swimmers. Add our Aquatic Training System for the ultimate swim spa experience.

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This TidalFit offers a powerful Quad Swim Jet System as standard, or upgrade to our Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer with built-in speed control for an even more powerful swim. Our Premium TidalFit also offers hydrotherapy, exercise equipment, a semi in-ground option and much more.

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This 15 ft. TidalFit has Quad swim as standard to provide a strong swim current that can be adjusted for varying degrees of ability. For an even stronger, more stable swim why not add the Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer? Our Pro EP-15 also offers a hydrotherapy system equipped with 34 Helix jets.

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NEW Core Swim

NEW Core Swim

This 14ft swim spa is perfect for the avid swimmer looking to maximise swim space, with in-spa steps, Quad Swim system and BellagioFall as standard. The Core Swim is also available with a variety of optional features including our Aquatic Training System.

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Get ideas on how to design your backyard or indoor area for your TidalFit. View photos of TidalFit Exercise Pool installations. See TidalFit's debut on ABC's Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition and how exercise in the pool transformed a life.


Swim Systems

Each TidalFit model has its own unique swim system.

Aquatic Training System

To maximize your workout in your exercise pool you can add one or both of our Stationary Resistant Swim Tether and Rowing Bars + Resistant Cords.


Every TidalFit model offers a Hydrotherapy option to relieve stress, soothe aching muscles and aid in relaxation.

Crystal AOP

Artesian’s revolutionary Crystal AOP system, combines Nature2, Microfiltration, 24 Hour Water Circulation, Germicidal UV Light, Ozone and the ProPure Mixing Chamber to create the most advanced oxidation process for water purification.

Semi In-ground Pool

The TidalFit AcitvePlus EP12, Premium EP14, Core Swim 14, Pro EP15 & Dual Temp models offer the semi in-ground pool option.

DirectFlow Technology

This innovative technology provides you with the ultimate hydrotherapy control.

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